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Project Spotlight: Passaic Avenue Redevelopment

Project Spotlight: Passaic Avenue Redevelopment

FPA provided professional consulting services for the Passaic Avenue Redevelopment.  As part of redevelopment activities, all aboveground structures were demolished including several, multi-story brick and concrete structures.  Each building underwent asbestos mitigation which was performed by others.  Once the buildings were cleared of asbestos, universal waste removal activities commenced.  During demolition of onsite structures, environmental air monitoring was performed as part of dust mitigation for the site and also to monitor health and safety on the project.

FPA prepared a site specific health and safety plan (HASP) for demolition of the above ground structures.  FPA personnel were onsite to observe that the HASP was followed and that personnel were wearing the proper level of personal protection including hard hat, boots, dust mask or respirator and disposable clothing as required.  FPA reported the results of our observations to supervisory personnel. FPA coordinated a daily tailgate safety meeting where the owner Supervisor identified work scheduled for the day so that team members understand their work areas, and for team members to sign the HASP daily sign in sheet.  FPA provided Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) 40 hour Hazwoper certified personnel full-time during the initial startup and demolition of the onsite structures.

FPA personnel performed daily perimeter air monitoring of the site during demolition activities using two PDR 1500 air monitors that were respectively stationed at locations up wind and down wind.  The monitoring station’s stored data points was downloaded on a weekly basis.

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