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FPA To Begin Work On Turtle Back Zoo “Shores Of Africa Penguin Exhibit”

FPA to Begin Work on Turtle Back Zoo “Shores of Africa Penguin Exhibit”

FPA is excited to be doing the design work on the new Turtle Back Zoo “Shores of Africa” exhibit.

A 4,200-square-foot building is being constructed to house the indoor penguin exhibit. The interior will be designed with fabricated rock walls and a 30,000-gallon salt water pool to simulate the penguins’ natural habitat off the southern African coast. The rock walls will have nest-burrows to encourage breeding among the penguins. The size of the exhibit will enable Turtle Back… to increase the penguin colony to 30 from 12. It will be designed with a synthetic thatched roof and be landscaped so it is integrated into the African Adventure section.

Visitors will be able to view the penguins from three different levels inside the building: A regular view from ground level, a below grade area to see the penguins swim underwater and an elevated area to watch the penguins from above. Glass walls in front of the exhibit space will ensure there are no obstructions. Other animal species also will be introduced into the exhibit, including sharks and small monkeys.

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