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Fulfilling your vision requires that you be satisfied with the quality of the end product. Our Construction Phase Services and Materials Testing professionals will provide the care and expertise required to ensure the finished construction meets your expectations. Our ASTM Certified Laboratory and trained field staff will help bring your vision to reality.

Professional Services Include:
  • Earthwork Oversight
  • Fill Compaction Testing
  • Reinforcing Steel Inspection
  • Concrete Sampling and Testing
  • Pile and Drilled Shaft Inspections and Testing
  • Pavement Installation and Testing
  • Demolition Planning and Oversight
  • Structural Steel and Threshold Inspections
  • Modular Block Retaining Wall Inspections
  • Construction Vibration Monitoring
  • Sprayed-On Fireproofing Inspection
  • Expert Testimony
  • Special Inspections as Required by Code
  • Sieve and Hydrometer Analyses
  • Atterberg Limits Testing
  • Moisture and Organic Content Testing
  • Standard and Modified Proctor Testing
  • Acid Producing Soils Evaluation
  • Soil Corrosivity and Permeability Testing
  • Soil Shear Strength/Consolidation Testing
  • Concrete Compressive Strength Testing
  • Asphalt Testing
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