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Mechanical Systems have advanced our standard of living by bringing comfort, convenience and added safety into our lives. Our design engineers provide cost-conscious, reliable, HVAC, plumbing and fire protection solutions to meet your project needs. Our commitment to client satisfaction is manifested in our technical expertise, project management and quality initiatives.

Electrical Engineering is about meeting reliability expectations. Whether it’s the power to a building, manufacturing facility, or the seamless operation of emergency back-up generators for critical systems, people expect reliability in their electrical systems. Our personal attention, practical design approach, timely service and quality initiatives are focused on exceeding your expectations and fostering your project’s success.

Simplicity, strength, reliability and cost-conscious design are the cornerstones of our Structural Engineering group. Our Structural experts have the technical talents to reduce seemingly complex forms to simple, cost-effective structures and can bring your vision to life.

FPA’s staff will maintain close coordination with your entire project team throughout conceptual planning, design and construction.

Professional Services Include:
  • Renewable Energy/Sustainable Design
  • HVAC & Chiller System Design
  • Site Utility Studies, Plans & Requirements
  • Deluge System Design for Electrical Facilities
  • Fire Protection System Design
  • Plumbing Design
  • Equipment Arrangement & Piping Design
  • Peer Review/Expert Witness
  • Energy Recovery System Design
  • Energy Audits & Energy Saving Plan Preparation
  • Oil Collection & Separation System Design
  • Emergency/Standby Power Systems
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting Design and Lighting Control Systems
  • Life Safety and Fire Alarm Systems
  • Power Quality Analysis
  • Short Circuit and Coordination Studies
  • Power Distribution Design
  • Power Infrastructure Design
  • Lightning Protection and Grounding
  • Low Voltage Systems: IT/Data, CCTV, Security and Card Access
  • Solar Systems Design Including AC/DC and Shading Analysis
  • Renewable Energy/Sustainable Design
  • Structural Condition Surveys & Roof Structural Analysis
  • Process Piping Support Design
  • Steel, Concrete, Masonry & Timber Design
  • Heavy Equipment & Tank Foundation Design
  • Piles & Deep Foundation Design
  • Vibration Analysis & Seismic Design
  • Structural & Architectural Precast Design
  • Light Gage Framing Design
  • Hardened Structures & Blast Design
  • Peer Review/Expert Witness
  • High-Rise Design
  • Tower Analysis & Design
  • Spill Containment Design
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