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FPA provided engineering services for the design of a new 24,723 sq. ft. one-story with basement service building containing a total of 49,446 sq. ft. plus the roof parking area of 24,723 sq. ft. The basement area will be utilized as the parts department, vehicle storage, future parts department expansion, with a staircase and an elevator.

The ground floor will be a new service area of 26 bays with elevator and staircase. The first floor (roof) shall contain parking for 62 cars and a staircase. The building was designed for future expansion by enclosing the first floor roof and constructing a new roof over the space. The project also included a new one-story service drive up structure of ± 8,140 sq. ft., 3 bays wide, with greeters and service writers. The existing showroom building had extensive renovation work including removal of structural elements to open up existing space, infill of floor areas, lintels for new openings, and a decorative trellis system over the sidewalk. The project was successfully completed.


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