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FPA provided services relative to the preparation of construction documents for a new educational building to support the existing communications program. Due to the unique site topography, the building was designed with entries on an upper and lower level requiring close coordination with the architect, mechanical/electrical/plumbing design requirements, and college officials.  The facility resulted in the redesign of the existing stormwater management system and the relocation of utilities to provide services to the new building. Sewer and water demands and existing usage analyses were performed to establish documentation necessary for the issuance of permits. Design services included topographic survey, layout, grading, stormwater management, sanitary and water service, lighting and landscaping improvements. FPA was also responsible for the structural design of the new three-story 60,000 square foot building situated into the side of an embankment with large basement retaining walls. The steel framed structure consisted of 8” concrete floors for sound isolation, glass atriums with three-story tall bow-string shaped steel trusses, cantilevered swithchback stairs, and roof light monitors. A large 21 foot long cantilevered roof over the entrance was also designed. The building structure design developed into an 18 million dollar project that included such bold architectural/structural features as 50 foot glass vestibules and floating staircases. The building is considered one of the architectural centerpieces of the campus.

Our engineering services also included fire protection, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC engineering. HVAC design included gas fired roof top units as well as units located in the first floor mechanical room. An areaway outside the below grade mechanical room allowed us to provide combustion air for the boilers, outside air for the air handling units, and exhaust from the building air handling unit. The electrical design included primary distribution (tied in to the campus distribution system), secondary distribution, fire alarm, lighting, emergency power, and power for the technology system. Our landscape architecture services included coordination with the college officials to design a landscape, and site and accent lighting to complement the building façade and provide sufficient lighting to meet campus safety requirements as well as to illuminate the colonnades leading to the building.  The project was successfully completed.

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