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FPA performed the 2009 Formal Inspection of the Boonton Dam and the Parsippany Dike as well as the 2007, 2010 and 2016 Regular Inspections for the dams and Dike, as well as the confined space inspections of the South, Central and North Gate Control structures, the inspection of the suspension bridge at the top of spillway of the Boonton Dam and the inspection of the below-grade chamber situated immediately west of the lower gate house of the Boonton Dam.  Previous inspection reports, design drawings and specifications, and subsequent modifications were reviewed. Data from instrumentation and monitoring equipment was evaluated for long-term performance. A detailed visual inspection was performed of each dam under the regular inspections.  In addition, crack monitors were installed by our inspectors in the North Gate Control structure to monitor wide cracking in the pit of the chamber.  Three (3) separate reports were prepared for each of the regular inspections.  In addition, separate inspection reports for the North Gate Control Chamber and the suspension bridge providing recommendations for repair were prepared.

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