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This award winning project demonstrates FPA’s commitment to “preserving our past” by converting an early 1900s one story bank with a balcony at each end to a full three story office building. We provided civil, geotechnical, structural, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering services.  The existing building was masonry bearing wall construction. The structural services included providing a new second floor by tying into one of the existing balconies and ramping down to the other one. A third floor was constructed between the new second floor framing and the existing roof structure. The existing stairwells were reconfigured to access all three floors and the low roof area. A new elevator and elevator pit in the basement, which required some underpinning, was constructed. The new floor construction consists of concrete on metal deck supported by steel joists and beams. New steel columns extending from the basement to the roof support the new framing. These columns were also designed to reinforce the existing structure to resist lateral loads.  The new HVAC system utilized split systems concealed within the ceiling spaces and new machine room.  The systems were designed for quiet operation due to the nature of the occupancy.   Entirely new electrical service and distribution was installed including service for a new 4-stop elevator.  An emergency generator was installed to service the floor trading equipment.

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