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FPA was retained by the Essex County Department of Public Works to prepare construction documents for a sprayground at Weequahic Park.  Carl Sharif playground improvements included a water sprayground and other associated improvements.  The playground and sprayground are adjacent within the park.

The theme of the sprayground is “water cycle at Weequahic Park”. The sprayground surface was constructed of a fine brushed concrete that had different park patterns scored into its surface. The patterns consisted of daisies, the Weequahic Park Lake, a rain cloud, and rain drops. The surface was colored with penetrating stains to match the pattern that they were representing. The water park design included themed spray equipment such as a giant fish, a rainbow, two colorful frogs spraying water at each other and below grade water jets. The sprayground equipment is controlled by an activation bollard to avoid water waste when the park is not being utilized.

The sprayground is enclosed by a powder coated steel fence with one gate entry to help parents monitor their children. In addition to the spray equipment, the spray park has a small picnic area with decorative picnic tables for park visitors to have lunch or store their towels. The spray ground is ADA compliant.

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