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FPA’s involvement in this project includes providing Resident Engineering and Contract Administration Services during construction of five concurrent individual projects for the Cumberland County Improvement Authority (CCIA).  All five projects are located at the Cumberland County Solid Waste Complex located in Deerfield, New Jersey.

Project 1: Commercial Convenience Center and Associated Improvements include a new transfer station, four double Transtor units, a new prefabricated guardhouse, a new sediment basin/fire protection pond, utilities, full depth asphalt access roadways and parking.  Project 2: Equipment Storage and Maintenance Facility includes an equipment storage and maintenance building with new electrical service, voice and data equipment, a vehicle fueling station, new access roads and parking areas, stormwater basin, utilities, well and storage tank for fire protection, and a segmental block retaining wall.  Project 3: Leachate System Improvements include demolition of an existing lift station, installation of treated leachate piping, a new load out building, pump house modifications, containment pads, drainage structures, installation of an emergency generator for landfill gas flare, and new voice and data communications equipment.  Project 4 — Administration/Maintenance Building Modifications include demolition, rehabilitation, renovations, and installation of a new emergency generator and voice and data communications equipment.  Project 5 – Material Separating Facility Modifications include interior building conversions, construction of paved areas, stormwater facilities, electric service, sanitary sewer service, and construction of a new mechanical room. Renovations include a new concrete floor slab constructed on top of the existing floor slab, incorporating a new radiant heating system, and installation of voice and data communications equipment.

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