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FPA performed Formal Dam Inspections of Doughty and Kuehnle Pond Dams.  Previous inspection reports, design drawings, specifications, stability analyses and hydrologic and hydraulic analyses were reviewed for conformance with the NJ Dam Safety Standards. Detailed visual inspections were performed and formal inspection reports were prepared.

In addition to the Formal Dam Inspections, FPA prepared revised Stability Analysis Reports for both Doughty and Kuehnle Pond Dams. The Operation and Maintenance Manuals and Emergency Action Plans (EAP) for each dam were reviewed and updated and a revised Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis was performed for both dams in order to produce accurate inundation mapping for inclusion into the EAP.

FPA also performed Regular Inspections of Doughty Pond Dam in 2012 in accordance with the NJDEP Bureau of Dam Safety and Flood Control’s Guidelines for Inspection of Existing Dams.

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