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FPA was retained by the County of Essex to creatively design a nautical themed playground known as the Regatta Playground.  The playground is easily accessible from the reservoir walkway and the clipper pavilion.  The playground consists of large clipper play equipment with three full size ship masts and sails (for children 5-12 years of age), a sail boat with a full size sail (for children 2-5 years of age), four rock climbing elements, age appropriate swings, musical instruments, seesaw, and climbing mushrooms.  The play equipment consists of climbers, ropes, babble tubes, slide poles, slides, telescopes, balance beams, spinners, and many other fun activities.  Under the play equipment, a rubberized surface and a synthetic turf surface was installed.  The rubberized surface was designed to look like flowing water.  Both the playground equipment and the play surfaces meet ADA requirements.  The playground is encompassed by a 5’ wide stamped concrete walkway, which is a tenth of a mile long.  This gives parents a chance to exercise while watching their children play.  Parents may also sit down on composite Adirondack chairs in designated perimeter seating areas.  To quench the thirst of the children hard at play, a multi-level water fountain was installed.  The water fountain is also ADA compliant.  Along the perimeter of the playground, native landscaping was installed to enhance the experience and provide a natural maze for the children to run and play in.

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