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FPA recently completed the exhibit, which is now officially the largest exhibit at the zoo. It features four Masai giraffes, eland, whistling ducks, ostrich and tortoises.

The outdoor habitat created for the giraffes includes three acres of space designed to replicate the African Savannah and has multiple viewing areas for the public, including areas where visitors can view the giraffes feeding. The area was enhanced with faux reed umbrellas, colorful composite Adirondack chairs, tribal eucalyptus fence, and peeled cedar log pavilion. The 15’ wide stamped concrete walkway was designed to represent a beaten trail in Africa. A plethora of landscaping was added throughout the site to create a savanna experience for the visitors.

The giraffes’ hold facility – the largest structure in the zoo – includes a specially designed, three-layer floor with a slip-resistant finish, an indoor exercise area, adjustable hay racks to accommodate the different heights of the giraffes, motorize windows are positioned at the giraffe’s height so they can look outside during the winter and multiple heating systems to ensure proper temperatures. A mezzanine was designed to provide the trainers additional space to train the giraffes and additional storage space.

This project was awarded the 2017 NJRPA Excellence in Design Award. 

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