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Locust Lake dam is a Class I, High Hazard structure located on a small tributary of Muddy Brook in Hope Township, Warren County, New Jersey. The dam is an earth embankment with a concrete core wall and a natural rock cut spillway located on the right (west) abutment.  The rock spillway has an approximately 30-foot bottom width and sides with variable slopes cut into rock.  The spillway channel discharges into a natural stream located downstream of the embankment.  The approximate dimensions of the embankment include a maximum height of 23 feet, a length of 225 feet, 10-foot crest width, and 2.5H:1V upstream and downstream slopes.  There is a 24-inch diameter cast iron pipe penetrating the base of the embankment to serve as a low level outlet.

FPA was retained to perform bidding and construction services for the rehabilitation of the dam.  Work on the dam included construction of roller compacted concrete (RCC) overtopping protection to form a secondary spillway.  Conventional reinforced concrete training walls are provided to limit overflows to the armored portions of the embankment.

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