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FPA provided Environmental, Geotechnical and Civil/Site Engineering and regulatory permitting services on the solar farm project, a 14.112 Megawatt Photovoltaic System, one of the largest, privately owned, net metered photovoltaic systems in the Western Hemisphere. The project is owned by New Jersey Resources Clean Energy Ventures Corporation (NJRCEV) and occupies approximately 47± acres of a 195± acre campus. The PV system contains over 57,000 solar modules, 24 power inverters and was constructed on a previous agricultural area. FPA developed a unique and innovative engineering approach which allowed ASP to utilize their patented SOLSTICE ® module mounting system that provides a less visually intrusive low profile installation by maintaining the panels no more than 2 feet off the ground whereas traditional ground mounting systems place the panels at eye level. FPA’s use of the stone bedding as a recharge and stormwater management system recognized the physical and environmental constraints that existed on the property while still meeting the requirements of the local municipality, the NJDEP, the Delaware and Raritan Canal Commission, the Mercer County Planning Board and the Mercer County Soil Conservation District.

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