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Moscow Dam is a small earthen embankment dam with a maximum height of about 11 feet and an overall length of approximately 220 feet.  According to the Pennsylvania DEP-Division of Dam Safety (PA-DDS), the dam is currently classified as Class C-3.  The dam has a main spillway, which consists of a 15-foot wide broad crested weir and an auxiliary spillway which is approximately 8-feet wide.

FPA was retained by Aqua Pennsylvania, Inc. to evaluate the removal of Moscow Dam in accordance with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Dam Safety Regulations.  The dam was acquired along with a small local water company and had no operational purpose.  The removal of the dam consists of removing the spillways, the existing concrete gate house, along with selected walls, slabs, and aprons around the spillway structures.  The primary breach has been sized to handle the inflow to the site from the 100-year storm and it is recommended that gabion baskets be used to armor the proposed channel.  In addition, riprap has been proposed in selected areas to protect against possible erosion from the future inflow.  Plans and Specifications were developed to reflect the proposed conditions.  FPA was retained to provide construction bid review services, Resident Engineering Services, and office engineering support including construction submittals and RFI reviews during the construction and rehabilitation of the dam.

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