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FPA provided full engineering services for the 120 KV canopy solar photovoltaic system project.  The canopy is located in the parking lot of the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission and was designed by Solaire Generation.  The site has very poor soil conditions.  Work included geotechnical engineering, site engineering, structural engineering, electrical engineering, and construction monitoring.

The geotechnical engineering included subsurface investigations, a comparative evaluation between using spread footings versus deep pile foundations, and the design of a pile load test. FPA provided two foundations designs: one for spread footings and one using timber piles.  The Meadowlands Commission opted to use the timber pile design. The site engineering included the preparation of the site plan, design of the site lighting, and permitting assistance.  FPA provided the electrical design for the project.  Work included the single line AC diagrams, the AC & DC circuits to the interconnection points, conductor and conduit sizing, over current protection, disconnection means, and new electrical panels.  FPA coordinated with the Client regarding the equipment layout and remote monitoring system. The construction monitoring services included observations of the pile load test, installation of the piles, in-house laboratory testing of on-site or imported fill materials, verification of subgrades, rebar inspection, and concrete placement monitoring and testing.

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