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New Street Reservoir Dam is located in West Paterson, Passaic County, New Jersey and is maintained by the Passaic Valley Water Commission as a water supply reservoir.   The dam is a multiple concrete arch dam with a small embankment section on the left abutment.  The concrete section consists of 12 arches totaling approximately 300 feet in length with a maximum section height of approximately 26 feet.  The earth embankment has a concrete core wall in its center, a length of approximately 120 feet, and a maximum height of about 10 feet.

The dam was designed and constructed around 1925.  The spillway for New Street Dam is a broad crested overflow weir located on the right side of the dam.  The spillway consists of two 4-foot wide by 3-foot high sections fitted with stop-logs.  Two 42-inch diameter conduits penetrate the base of the dam to allow water to be pumped into the reservoir and released into the water distribution system.

FPA was awarded a contract to develop Plans and Specifications for the rehabilitation of the dam.  Work included concrete repairs, tree removal, inspection services, downstream channel reconstruction and various miscellaneous improvements.

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