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FPA was retained by Essex County to prepare a lighting design for their new Paddle Boat Plaza. The plaza designed consists of a nautical themed pavilion, a rustic restroom, a paddle boat house, a greenway and a bus parking area. Light fixtures were provided for each area to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. The light fixtures within the parking area required large concrete piers to protect them from the constant bus movement. The Light fixtures were 25’ high and bell shaped. The fixtures match others used under the nautical themed pavilion. The lights were all controlled by state of the art timers and photo cells. The site lighting around the pavilion was also nautical themed and was accented with jelly jar bollards and other fixtures. The Lighting continued around the orange reservoir for approximately ½ of a mile. All the fixtures were set on state of the art time clock, eight in total. This was to allow certain light fixtures to turn on and off without affecting the use of others, that needed to be on later. Lighting for the pavilion was made to be dimmable to accommodate weddings and other evening events. All lighting was designed to meet or exceed the Illuminating Engineers Society requirements.  The FPA’s design team consisted of our Landscape Architects, Electrical Engineers and Structural Engineers.

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