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FPA performed engineering design services and prepared contract documents for the Reconstruction of Bridge U-12 on County Route 524, South Main Street over Doctor’s Creek and the Allentown Pond Dam for Monmouth County.

The project included the construction of a new single span concrete bridge structure incorporating a cast-in-place concrete deck on AASHTO pre-stressed precast concrete beams, parapets, sidewalks, substructures, wingwalls, augercast pile foundations and an adjacent box culvert.  The project also included the construction of a new reinforced concrete spillway with a reinforced concrete apron.  The project required the construction of cofferdams, erection of a temporary bridge structure, installation of drainage improvements and rehabilitation of existing retaining walls. The work included extensive coordination with local officials and the State Historic Preservation Office to design an aesthetic stone facing for the bridge. Due to the close proximity of a historic mill building, the contract documents required vibration monitoring during construction as well as pre- and post-construction structural inspections of the mill building.  FPA provided construction engineering services including Contractor bid review and evaluation, Resident Engineering and Contract Administration, as well as office engineering support including construction submittals and RFI review.

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