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Colonial Park Spillway is located in Franklin Township, NJ on the left bank of the historic Delaware and Raritan Canal between Stations 2457+00 and 2461+00 in Franklin Township, Somerset County, New Jersey.  The Spillway, also called a “waste weir”, is approximately 20 feet wide and approximately 300 feet long, and is used to convey excess water from the canal into the Millstone River. Periodic repairs had been required on the Colonial Park Spillway, including repairs of significant erosion that occurred as a result of the floodwaters from past storms.  The spillway was in poor condition and warranted rehabilitation.

FPA was retained for the site investigations; alternative analysis; schematic design report which included conclusions and recommendations for the rehabilitation of the Colonial Park Spillway, design development, preparation of plans, specifications and cost estimate, permit applications; and construction administration for the rehabilitation of the spillway. The project included rehabilitation and reconstruction of the existing stone masonry wall on the river side of the spillway, installation of new timber sheet piling on the canal side of the spillway, restoring the spillway crest to the historic elevation, and constructing hand-placed stones on a new reinforced concrete slab at the crest of the spillway, and constructing hand-placed stone slopes on the River and Canal sides of the spillway embankment. The rehabilitation was coordinated with SHPO, D&RCC and NJDEP. Services during construction was performed. Construction was completed in 2013.

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