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FPA was retained by Ocean County to provide the necessary engineering services for the replacement of Ocean County Bridge No. 1511-042 on Jackson Mills Road over Metedeconk River in the Township of Jackson, Ocean County, NJ. The project is currently under construction and includes the removal of the existing 80-foot-wide, 16-foot-long span, aluminum plate arch that is in poor condition in its entirety and the staged construction of an 80-foot-wide, 16-foot-long span concrete three-sided precast concrete culvert structure supported on concrete spread footings and permanent cofferdam with precast L-shaped retaining walls and precast concrete headwalls. The approach roadway is being widened to 40-feet between beam guide rail over the structure and resulted in utility relocation of all aerial utilities. Since the roadway is highly traveled and a detour route is relatively long, staged construction is being utilized by maintaining traffic on one side of the existing bridge during construction of the new culvert. After completion of the Stage 1 construction, traffic will be shifted to the new portion of the culvert utilizing a bypass roadway to allow for the removal of the remaining existing bridge structure and construction of the second half of the culvert.

FPA prepared the required contract plans and specifications in accordance with Ocean County standards. The plans included construction plans, topographic maps, grading plans, erosion control plans, traffic control and staging plans, profiles, cross-sections, typical sections and utility relocation plans. FPA also prepared NJDEP and Soil Erosion permit applications.

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