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This project included the scoping, preliminary engineering, and final design for the construction of a new pedestrian bridge over State Highway Route 46. Incidences in recent years involving pedestrians being struck by vehicles while crossing the roadway including two fatalities had prompted a need for the bridge.  Statistically, the project area in comparison with statewide averages of vehicular and pedestrian incidents was considered above average. The majority of pedestrian travel in the project area involves local residents (primarily children) looking to access Gardner Field, a municipal park, two elementary schools, and the Denville Township municipal building on the westbound side of Route 46.

The new bridge consists of two 180’ prefabricated truss main spans and two ADA ramp structures consisting of 10-30’ precast concrete approach spans. Each ramp system also provided a stair tower structure. The new bridge will be a steel full-through box truss with cross frames.  Bridge aesthetics will include an open-frame roof and walls consisting of steel louvers and mesh fencing.  The stair towers provided a metal roof.  On the exterior walls of the ramps and stair towers, stone-clad veneers were utilized to improve aesthetics. Ornamental fencing was used on the ramp structure to complement the municipal park to which the structure resides.   The project was designed in accordance with the AAHSTO LRFD Specifications, NJDOT Bridge and Structures Manual, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The project also included the preparation of a Categorical Exclusion Document.

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