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The Rumson Country Club is a water front facility located on the Pleasure Bay section of the Shrewsbury River ± 3 miles SSW of the Barrier Beach at Sea Bright, NJ.  During Super Storm Sandy, the Yacht Club house suffered severe damage from wind produced waves and storm surges.

The existing structure, docks and pavilion were demolished.  FPA designed the replacement building with “hardened” pile and grade beam foundations in accordance with FEMA and Building Code requirements of the velocity zone location.  The structure was elevated to lift the finished flood above the project base flood elevations.  Windows, walls and roof components are designed to withstand potential storm winds of 120 MPH.  Mechanical/ Electrical systems are designed for potential flood conditions with all components elevated and reinforced for the exposed location.  An emergency generator is provided to maintain refrigerated boxes and freezers and minimal conditions in the clubhouse.

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