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FPA provided geotechnical engineering and construction phase services in connection with the construction of a two 47 story apartment complex buildings.  Our services included preparation of geotechnical report, a site-specific seismic evaluation and pile foundation design as well as the review of wave equation analyses, dynamic pile tests and full-scale pile load tests.  The subsurface conditions at the project site consisted of urban fills and soft, compressible organic silt deposits underlain by glacial soils and Sandstone bedrock.  Due to the poor soil conditions at the project site, a total of 1,163 200 ton, HP 14×117 steel H-piles were installed under the full-time technical observation of an engineer of FPA.  Additionally, due to the close proximity of the Hudson Bergen Light Rail, FPA designed a bracing system to facilitate the excavation of the basement level to be situated approximately 15 feet below the elevation of the rail line.

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