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Dave has more than 40 years of experience in construction and materials testing services.  His primary field of expertise has been in construction inspection and materials testing. Dave has played a key role in the development of French & Parrello’s laboratory facilities and construction phase services. When first joining French & Parrello in 1987, he was the Project Manager for a variety of geotechnical studies, including secondary containment studies for petroleum product tank farms across the northeastern United States, industrial and commercial foundation construction, as well as residential site development.  He has also performed site evaluations to determine the presence of possible contamination and developed site remediation plans for submittal to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. In addition, he has overseen several testing programs related to the development of slurry walls for containment of hazardous materials.  He has managed several large quality assurance/quality control programs at landfill construction/closure sites in New Jersey.  Prior to joining French & Parrello, he was the resident project manager of construction inspection services for the 1984 World’s Fair in New Orleans, Louisiana, an expansion of the Texaco Refinery in Convent, Louisiana and the Grand Gulf Nuclear Power Plant in Port Gibson, Mississippi.

Dave has served as Project Manager and Lead Engineer of several multi-disciplinary projects involving large scale, high-rise urban demolition projects.  These projects involved preparation of bid documents, contract administration, construction monitoring, and environmental remediation.  He has supervised the firm’s vibration monitoring activities at many projects over the past ten years, including those associated with the demolition of several 14 story residential buildings in Jersey City for the Jersey City Housing Authority.

More recently as director of the group, Dave has managed many resident engineers providing owners with full-time on-site representation and contract administration.   These projects include roadway and bridge construction, high-rise demolition, public housing, townhouse construction, commercial and institutional construction as well as landfill liners and closures.  These assignments have been performed on behalf of state, county, and local governments, utility authorities, public housing authorities as well as private developers.

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