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As Executive Vice President/Secretary, Joe is responsible for maintaining the corporate business documents and record of Board of Director proceedings.  As Quality Control Officer, Joe is responsible for the firm’s overall Quality Control/Quality Assurance proceedings.

Since 1973, Joe has been involved in engineering design specializing in geotechnical engineering and site work and in providing construction phase services and field and laboratory quality control testing. He has worked on a broad range of projects including: and roadway and bridge design and construction; commercial, industrial and institutional buildings; composting facilities; sewer and water line installations; sewage treatment plants; water treatment plants; pumping stations; dams; high-rise structures; power plants; landfills; demolition projects; utility installations; water storage tanks; and commercial and residential developments.

Joe’s technical expertise includes geotechnical and civil engineering, controlled fill placement, surcharging, wick drains, pile driving, sheeting installation, foundation construction, rock and earth anchors, reinforced concrete, asphalt, grading, drainage, site improvements and dewatering, to name a few. He has extensive experience in many aspects of field and laboratory Quality Control (QC) testing, and has been Quality Assurance Manager (QAM) on many projects ranging in size from small to very large, over $85 million.

Joe has the distinction of being one of the first QAM’s in the State to provide QA services as part of the QA/QC Management Program being developed by the NJDEP at that time for the construction of Solid Waste Landfills. At the completion of the project, he submitted a report addressing the effectiveness of the program on that project, and providing recommendations for improvement for future plans. This report was utilized to revise portions of the New Jersey Administration Code (NJAC) addressing the QA/QC Management Plan guidelines currently in use today.

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