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Pete has more than 20 years of experience in consulting engineering, including more than eight years of experience in the design of telecommunications cell sites.  Pete is responsible for working closely with the staff on maintaining client standards, improving production processes, and client development.

Prior responsibilities include site investigations, feasibility recommendations, lease exhibit preparation, site plan preparation, preparation of construction documents, structural design, and project budgeting.  Through his experience, he is fully aware of the process associated with the development of a Telecommunications facility from pre-acquisition through construction.  Pete has also provided expert witness testimony before municipal zoning and planning boards in support of proposed telecommunication applications in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

He has additional experience in the design and analysis of monopoles, lattice towers and building retrofits.  He specializes in evaluating and modifying existing structures to accommodate antennas and cellular equipment.

Prior to becoming involved in the telecommunications industry, Pete worked in the transportation industry as a structural engineer.  His experience includes bridge inspection and rehabilitation, construction inspection, and the design of short to medium span bridge superstructures.

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